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A brief introduction of The Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative, also called One Belt One Road (OBOR), is the abbreviation of The Silk Road, which is also called One Belt and The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, which is also call One Road. The OBOR was proposed by J .P .Xi, the chairman of PRC, in October 2013. The OBOR is an idea and a proposal of cooperation between China and peripheral countries instead of a substantiated institution. Using the ancient concept of ‘The Silk Road’ , the OBOR focus on realizing the goal of ‘peace and development’ and establishing reciprocal relationship between China and countries along the belt and the road [1]. As of March 2015, there were 60 countries supportive of the OBOR proposal. These countries contain populations of over 4.4 billion and GDPs of over 2.1 trillion dollars. The OBOR is expected to be the longest economy corridor in the world.

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