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Warmth on a cold winter’s day

On 8 December 2018, under the leadership of the principal, Long Qingming, teachers and students from Shuangliu Middle School’s 2016 senior class set off on a winter’s day with a mission: to complete a hike of 7 hours – in the freezing cold. What better way is there to build perseverance and at the same time reconnect with nature?

Despite the drizzle of rain, by 7:30 the students were all gathered and ready for the challenge ahead. Their eyes filled with confidence and a will to succeed, their youthful smiles radiating with ambition, their bodies bouncing in anticipation.

In order to avoid any mishaps and to make sure the event went smoothly and without accident, Shuangliu Middle School contacted the public security department and medical units ahead of time. For further protection, four parents from each class as well as some teachers, also participated in the event.

By 8:30am, under the leadership of principal Long Qingming, the students set off on their journey with a vigorous pace. The specific route of the hike, and field surveys tackling possible emergencies and safety measures had already been planned out 3 weeks in advance.

Regardless of the icy wind and being soaked from the rain, the students of Shuangliu Middle School were fearless and strong and by 11:30 am, all of the classes had already arrived at the end destination.

After a short rest period at Fengxiang Lake Park and Central Park, the students returned to school. On the way, many Shuangliu locals praised the students: “the students of Shuangliu Middle School really are the most beautiful scenery in the whole of Shuangliu”.

After a smooth conquest of 26km, the students were not only not defeated by the cold, but energetic and radiant. At the closing ceremony, vice principle of Shuangliu Middle School, Xu Tianfu, said that the student’s radiant spirits and strong physiques would not only have a positive influence on themselves, but is also uplifting to the people of Shuangliu. He concluded by saying he hopes that throughout their future journey of life, the students will think of today and challenge themselves and remember to never give up.

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