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My Favorite Movie:Wrestle!Father

Nowadays, watching movies is getting more and more popular with people because watching movies is considered as one of the best ways to relax. Take me for example, I like comedies very much and my favorite movie is an Indian movie called Dangal.

The movie Dangal came out in China on May 5th, 2017. It was adapted from a true story in which an Indian wrestling champion named Mahavir trained his two daughters to become famous world champions.

Mahavir used to be a wrestling champion, but because of his difficult life he gave up wrestling. So he put his hope on a son. Unfortunately, he only had four daughters. There was great discrimination against woman in India at which he was disappointed. Fortunately, he found his daughters had talent in wrestling. He became confident and trained his daughters in a strict way day after day. At first, everyone disagreed with him. He cut off his daughters’ hair and didn’t allow them to wear skirts. He stuck to doing it for one year. Finally, his two daughters became famous world champions.

In this movie, one of the most famous dialogues I like best is that "gold medals do not grow on trees. you have to nurture them with love, with hard work, with dedication.”It taught me the way to succeed is not easy, it needs hard work, persistence and patience. No pain, no gain.

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