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My favorite film

Like many children my age, I have been crazy about the film Harry Potter for many years. It’s not just a film but a film series. As is known to all, it tells a story about a boy called Harry Potter who was born without parents but talented in magic. The main symbolic thing is that there is a scar on his forehead. He joins Hogwarts (the famous magic college) to have further study and get revenge for his parents death, where he learns a lot and makes many friends.

It starts off a bit fantastical and then develops into something that calls for deep thoughts.

That’s the main plot of the film. All in all, I love it for two reasons. To begin with, the film explores the theme of growth, which strikes a chord with the young. Then, the aspirant Potter fights bravely against the enemy and eventually gets success. In addition, the nice appearance of the actors also adds appeal to the film.

Actually, everyone’s life is just like a film, because it is not until you yourself take action that the ending will be known.

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