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Everyone could be a hero

Everyone has a dream to be a hero, which seems to be impossible. But in Marvel’s world, it can certainly become true. Stan Lee who is a screenwriter and Steve Ditko who is a cartoonist made it possible for an average person to become powerful. They worked together to create the little neighborhood hero—Spider-Man , who I like so much.

Peter Parker is the major character in the movie, who was an orphan and lived with his aunt May and uncle Ben. At the very beginning, Peter lived a common student life, which was just like ours. However, everything changed after a school tour. Peter and his classmates visited a science exhibition, where he was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Soon after, he found himself with an unusual ability: he had spiderlike skills, like a keen sense of perception. And he also found that he could make use of it to save the world. After that, he embarked on a different way of life.

What impressed me most in this movie is his uncle’s words“With great power comes great responsibility.”These words have not only made Peter decide to take responsibility for helping others, but also encouraged me to face the difficulties which I want to escape from. I think the key to its success is that as a high school student, Peter helps others with his power and kindness selflessly. Last but not least, I strongly believe if we are kind and warm-hearted, we can be a super hero too.

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