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Music Review:Sakura, Missing U

Sakura, Missing U is a Japanese song composed by Takano Kenichi in 2007,which used to move all people who listened to it. As a result, it has become famous all over the world and been covered by many foreign singers.

The song was inspired by a sorrowful story. It tells the love story of the composer and his wife. They met and fell in love with each other at first sight on a rainy day, and the sakuras were blooming brilliantly at that time. After they got married , a lovely baby came into the world. One day, as his wife went out to buy something, she died in a car accident.

Her husband was heartbroken and then composed this song to cherish the memory of his wife. The sakura is actually the symbol of his wife.

Sakura, Missing U is a healing song that can sooth your inner sorrow and anxiety, and it's worth appreciating.

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